Cost Management/ Quantity Surveying

BCQS’ cost management services will ensure your portfolios are accurately cost controlled, and developed and operated at optimum efficiency while maximising income.

Cost management services / quantity surveying

BCQS’ cost management services in the pre-contract phase include:


  • Preliminary cost planning and procurement advice at concept design stage
  • Cost management during design development
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Solicitation of competitive tenders or negotiation with a preferred contractor and the recommendation and proportion of the most appropriate form of construction contract


During the post-contract phase clients’ benefit from:

  • Accurate interim valuations of work in progress
  • Timely financial statements projecting final cost, including costs associated with variations/change orders
  • Settlement of the final account, upon completion
Construction Claims Consulting / Dispute Management

Even carefully planned construction projects can encounter problems. BCQS provides efficient dispute resolution and claims settlement for clients.


BCQS offers construction claims consulting throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, providing specialist services and advice to clients who need assistance in overcoming difficulties encountered with construction contracts. Clients for construction claims consulting include attorneys, developers, financial institutions, governments and contractors.


Most disputes revolve around contract changes that result in delays, disruption and increased construction costs.


BCQS offers expert litigation and arbitration support services providing clear, objective analysis and advice. We also act independently as arbitrators, claims consultants and expert witnesses.


By applying analytical programming and financial management skills, BCQS is able to determine the cause of problems, the time impact to be assessed and the costs to be quantified and allocated. This results in efficient dispute resolution and claims settlement for our clients.

Due Diligence Analysis

Draw on BCQS’ advice and knowledge gained over nearly half a century of doing business in the region. Sound professional guidance, or a second opinion on any property matter can save time, money and heartache.


BCQS provides specific due diligence services to varied clientele across Latin America and the Caribbean. Banks, developers, lawyers and accountants often wish to have “another pair of eyes” review contract documentation, valuations, drawings, construction documents and insurance policies to protect their or their clients’ interests. Due diligence analysis can take place prior to or during construction, as the client dictates.

Feasibility and Market Studies

BCQS has amassed considerable cost data over the last half a century of working throughout Latin America and the Caribbean which is used to compile feasibility and market studies. These studies provide essential decision-making material to clients prior to undertaking a development.


Feasibility and market studies can include:


  • Pertinent market and demographic data
  • Development and construction cost estimates
  • Real estate sales pricing
  • Development cash flows and profitability studies
  • Real estate marketing plans
  • Assistance with assembling the correct team for the project
  • Recommendations for ongoing management and operation of the built asset, including advice on set up of home owners association or strata corporation if necessary
Construction Loan Monitoring

Ensure your investment or your asset is being professionally audited with BCQS construction loan monitoring service.


BCQS offers construction loan monitoring services for financial institutions and real estate investors. In instances where a Financial Institution has provided development financing for a project, BCQS will vet quality and the construction programme as well as audit the monthly drawdowns being made to the Developer on the Lender’s behalf. We provide due diligence reports that review cost, programme, and quality as well as compliance with hurricane and seismic standards. Through loan monitoring, BCQS will verify the correct payments are being made, contractors are not overpaid, and will value the cost to complete the project. This gives peace of mind to the lending institution and ensures that there are sufficient loan funds to complete the project. BCQS will also advise the Bank on the status and value of any variations or changes that are taking place on site.

Construction Procurement Advice

BCQS Chartered Surveyors are highly experienced construction professionals who are in the best position to advise on the most appropriate method of procurement and contract documentation that best suits your project’s needs.


The increase in construction claims and litigation and the related trends toward increased control of cost and quality have placed more emphasis on the construction procurement process. BCQS’ experts help Clients to ensure that construction contractors are well qualified, that services are obtained for reasonable cost, and that their projects are well organised contractually to minimise the potential for costly changes and delays.


The BCQS experts provide clients comprehensive procurement solutions and give them the advantage with proposal support, preparation of request for proposal (RFP) packages and negotiation of final award of contracts.


After the contract is awarded, our experts give clients the support they need with expediting and coordination of supplier activities which saves clients time and money.

Construction Contract Documentation

Choosing the correct contract to suit your building project is fundamental to a successful construction project. This will depend on the location, size, type of construction, budget and the amount of risk the client is willing to take on for the project. BCQS’ professionals will ensure you are well protected contractually, by choosing and drafting the correct construction contract documentation to suit your specific project’s needs.

Risk Management

Risk is inherent in all construction projects, and in Latin America and the Caribbean it may be more so – it cannot be eliminated, but can be mitigated.


BCQS’ risk management services will ensure that the project outcome meets the expected business benefits. The experience we have captured is applied to every project and shared with the project team – we have processes that actively create conditions for optimum project success to mitigate project risks.

Value Engineering

Our mission is to ensure that every client receives the greatest value for money spent.


Value engineering provides a systematic approach to achieving the required project functions at lowest cost without detriment to quality, performance and reliability. There are many reasons why unnecessary costs creep into design for example, lack of local knowledge, poor information, out of date specifications, poor communication and reluctance to seek advice. BCQSs professionals can use their expertise to maximise the value for money for all our clients.

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