Advisory Services

BCQS’ cost management/ quantity surveying services will ensure your portfolios are accurately cost controlled, and developed and operated at optimum efficiency while maximising income.

Advisory services


BCQS provides expert arbitration services to the construction industry throughout the Caribbean region and Latin America to resolve disputes in a timely and cost effective manner. As an arbitrator, BCQS offers a structured approach together with extensive experience in the industry.


BCQS Chartered Surveyors are experts in the critical role of providing cost-effective and efficient management of the entire arbitration process. Our specialists have an unparalleled depth of experience and knowledge about the construction process. They are also skilled in dispute resolution management.


BCQS experts serve as arbitrators, in complex disputes and claims related to a wide range of engineering, construction and infrastructure projects – both public and private.

Developer Representation

BCQS can take on the role of Development Manager and manage the development on behalf of the owner. In such instances, we can provide additional property development services, over and above those of a Project Manager:


  • Organise the appointment of the development and construction team
  • Assist with project financing and bank liaison
  • Assist with sales and marketing programme
  • Assist with legal and corporate affairs
  • Liaise with Government authorities including attaining Development Orders
  • Assist with setting up and managing the ongoing operation of the development
Distressed Development Solutions

BCQS can unlock value for distressed properties through ‘work-out solutions’.


BCQS mitigates losses and maximises the value of potentially defaulting property loans to provide greater value and future gain for all concerned. Our recommendation to the industry is to avoid the temptation for a distressed sale of assets and undertake a ‘work-out solution’ prior to sale.


A ‘work-out solution’ will identify the financial exposure and propose a plan to mitigate losses and maximise values for the distressed property. Typically, clients will find that they will recover significantly higher values from a ‘work-out solution’.

Expert Witness

In contentious Construction Litigation and Arbitration, Expert Witnesses will be appointed by solicitors to help the parties and their representatives reach a compromise agreement or, assist a judge, adjudicator or arbitrator in arriving at a judgment or decision.


BCQS Experts provide the Judge or Arbitrator with professional opinion evidence based on their particular expertise and experience in their chosen area of professional practice. Our advice is independent of the Parties and impartial in the matter in dispute.


As an Expert Advisor / Witness, we can provide the following services:

  • Advising solicitors/clients before any formal dispute resolution process has commenced
  • Preparing advice at the pre-action protocol stage
  • Assisting in defining and agreeing issues between the parties
  • Assisting in the evaluation of the merits of a case
  • Assisting with quantifying or assessing the amount of any sum in dispute
  • Assisting with identifying the appropriate basis on which a case might be settled early and fairly
  • Preparation of Expert Witness Reports and advice
  • Dealing with written questions
  • Acting as single joint expert
  • Acting as expert appointed by either party
  • Attending at without prejudice meetings of experts
  • Giving evidence in the Technology and Construction Court and in arbitration and adjudication
Forensic Audits

BCQS’s forensic team can assist clients involved in real estate development and construction with services including:

  • Analyzing, verifying, and responding to change orders, disputes, and claims
  • Investigating fraud, false claims, and whistle blower allegations
  • Assisting in negotiations with contractors, design professionals, investors or business partners
  • Presenting expert testimony at trial, arbitration or in mediation
Insurance Claims Consulting

Put your trust in a BCQS Professional who is professionally trained to estimate and negotiate the value of your loss or claim.


BCQS offers Insurance claims consulting throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, acting for loss adjusters or insurance companies and their clients in establishing and negotiating the settlement of loss suffered in the event of a claim.

Life Cycle Costing

BCQS can offer advice and guidance as to the long term quality and performance benefits to the project.


Much of the focus of construction cost planning goes to the initial cost of a project, and budgets are often judged on their short term performance. BCQS can offer advice and guidance as to the long term quality and performance of the project. Life cycle costing provides a holistic view of both the financial and non- financial impacts of specific design measures within a building. Utility, operation, and maintenance costs are evaluated against simple pay back, internal rates of return, net present value and time value to evaluate the best option.

Resort Management

Ensure the management framework, and the services of your resort are properly organised, managed and maintained.


BCQS offers resort management Services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Often, in order for a condo or resort developer to sell his real estate efficiently, their clientele want to have resort rental and hotel services in place. BCQS has assisted with various resort openings and has been instrumental in setting up and hiring resort and hotel management teams to carry out the ongoing functions of the development. This can also include the setting up of the Strata Corporation (Home Owners Association) to look after the ongoing maintenance of the physical property.


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