BCQS Guyana Squash Masters Tournament 2024: A Showcase of Caribbean Talent and Sportsmanship

The 2024 BCQS Guyana Squash Masters Tournament, held from January 31st to February 3rd, successfully concluded, highlighting BCQS’s dedication to fostering Caribbean sportsmanship and talent as well as supporting the squash community in Guyana. The event, organised by the Guyana Squash Association and the BCQS team, brought together a diverse range of players from across the Caribbean and beyond, showcasing exceptional skill and sportsmanship.

The tournament saw a standout performance from Guyana’s Joseph Mekdeci, who clinched the Men’s 55-64 age group title, defeating Barbadian Peter Harris in straight sets (11-7, 11-6, 11-5). Mekdeci’s victory was a highlight of the tournament, demonstrating Guyana’s high level of talent.

Shaun Simpson and Don Benn of Barbados won the 30-45 and 45-55 division categories, respectively.

The event featured several memorable matches. Ryan Rahaman overcame Medhi Ramdhani, and Deje Dias secured a victory over Javid Rahaman. Brian Young delivered an impressive win against Trinidadian Gowkaran Bissoon.

In a tightly contested battle, Bajan Sanjay Amin emerged victorious against Narendra in a gripping five-set match. Additionally, Dean Straker and Javid Ali recorded notable wins in their respective categories, adding to the tournament’s excitement.

Sanjay Amin, BCQS’s director responsible for our office in Guyana, expressed pride in the event, stating, “BCQS is very proud to be part of and support the squash community in Guyana. The level of competition and diverse representation from around the Caribbean at this year’s tournament highlights the importance of international sportsmanship.”

As we celebrate the conclusion of another successful tournament, BCQS reaffirms its commitment to supporting the squash community in Guyana.