An Interview with Liam Day: 30 Year Work Anniversary!


On 3rd December 2020, Liam Day, Managing Director, celebrates his 30th anniversary working at BCQS International. In this post, we ask Liam a few questions about the last 30 years.

1.  What made you apply for your first position with BCQS?

I was sat at home in England with the snow coming down and I spotted an advertisement that read ‘Do you want to work in the Tax-Free Caribbean?’ I figured I wouldn’t mind trying that for a year or two!

2.  Do you remember your first day?

Yes, there were only 7 people working for BCQS in the Cayman office, and it was very somber and quiet!

3.  What has been your biggest achievement/success?

Growing the company, along with my fellow shareholders, from a small two office practice into the largest development consultancy in the Caribbean and Latin America.

4.  What’s your favourite part of the job?

I really enjoy visiting new jurisdictions and marketing our services to new audiences and potential clients.

5.  What are some of the biggest lessons you have learnt in your career?

The biggest lesson learnt is staff retention is key. Employ the best candidates available, keep them incentivised and encourage and foster their personal development and growth with the company.

6.  How has the industry evolved during the last 30 years?

In my opinion, the industry has become a lot more professional through greater standardisation, regulation and oversight by the relevant professional bodies and the introduction of continued professional development.

7.  For you, what have been the greatest developments in the field over the last 30 years?

Without doubt, the advances in IT. When I started in 1990, we had one desktop PC, there was no internet, and no one had mobile phones. Sitting here today, it’s difficult to imagine how we operated without smart phones, laptops and tablets!