Distressed Development Solutions

BCQS can unlock value for distressed properties through 'work-out solutions'. BCQS mitigates losses and maximises value of potentially defaulting property loans to provide greater value and future gain for all concerned. Our recommendation to the industry is to avoid the temptation for a distressed sale of assets, and undertake a 'work-out solution' prior to sale.

A 'work-out solution' will identify the financial exposure and propose a plan to mitigate losses and maximise values for the distressed property. Typically, clients will find that they will recover significantly higher values from a 'work-out solution'.

In undertaking this process, BCQS will look at all angles to preserve value for the client, which could include one or more of the following exercises:

  • Renegotiation of lease terms

  • Evaluation of assets

  • Restructuring of business or development to create value

  • Evaluation and renegotiation of contractual liabilities

  • Repositioning of assets for alternative tenants and buyers

  • Re-procurement of future expenditure items to take account of possible current lower material and tender prices

  • Re-phasing of development (if applicable)

  • Stepping in and taking control of the outstanding development (if required)