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Tectonica Proyectos S.A.S., join forces with BCQS International in Colombia

It is with great pleasure that Tectonica join BCQS International to announce their Corporate Association to do business together primarily in Colombia.

The companies core businesses focus in the area of Project Management, Cost Management/ Quantity Surveying, but will also be able to offer Architecture, Construction Management, Appraisals and Property Development Consultancy. BCQS and their partners also undertake Development Management and Real Estate Investment Analysis and Construction Risk Analysis work, with strong links to the major lending institutions and corporations throughout the region.

Tectonica directed by Jorge Avilán is based in Bogota, Colombia, is the result of the efforts of more than eighteen years of professional work, in the field of architectural design and project management. Formerly known by the name of Spot Architecture, Tectonica has accumulated a long list of successful projects in the institutional, commercial and residential business sectors, with a diverse list of clients, always working under the premise of, optimising resources to achieve the best results.

BCQS is a company with a history stretching back over 40 years and are based throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. To date they have successfully completed projects in over 30 countries and have offices in the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St Lucia, Turks & Caicos, and Trinidad.

The joint venture is one that both sets of companies have pursued for quite some time, and the alliance gives the Association the manpower and resources to undertake large scale projects in Colombia and the immediate region, providing a broader appeal to a number of financial and institutional clients.

Jorge Avilan, founding director of Tectonica stated, “the Association gives us the muscle to compete for larger projects and also gives us increased diversification in the services we are now able to offer clients. Over the next several months we will strategise with BCQS and promote our new alliance so as to fully inform our mutual clientele of the opportunities that will arise because of our new Association”. He further noted that “both practices brought together a combined history of  62 years of operation in their respective regions, and the Association reinforces BCQS’s corporate tag line “Local Knowledge – Global Experience” to the fullest extent.

James Slattery, BCQS director in Brazil, noted that “Tectonica share the same vision as my fellow BCQS directors, so the Association was a serious albeit an easy business decision to make. It is our hope that our multi-national and institutional clients from our other office locations will now enlist our services in Colombia to a greater degree. Also we hope to expand “Technika’s business and financial client base as well”.

Liam Day, Managing Director of BCQS Brazil, noted “this forms a strategic part of BCQS’s plans to expand into the South American market. This link with Colombia, bordering Brazil on their southern boundary, will hopefully help foster work in Northern Brazil, not only Colombia, because of the business links between the two nations.  We feel going forward with our added value, combined property and development advice we are in a unique position to offer professional and ethical support to our clients in this part of the world, that will be second to none”.

BCQS in conjunction with their new associates were a gold sponsor of the South American Hotel Conference held in Bogotá on September 23rd. & 24th 2013 – “We introduced our new association to many new and existing hotel related clients there. We had a stand, exhibiting our past projects and services” said James Slattery.

Further contact information:

James Slattery – Rua Haddock Lobo 1129/171, Jardim América, São Paulo, SP., 01414-003, Brazil.
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Tel: +55 11 99390 8805
Jorge Avilan - Calle 45 No 23-18 of 305 Bogotá D.C.,Colombia.
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Tel: +57 1 2858985