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BCQS attends CHRIS and HOLA Conferences in Miami Florida

BCQS International directors, Sanjay Amin, Liam Day and James Slattery recently attended the Caribbean Hotel & Resort Investment Summit, (CHRIS) and the Hotel Opportunities Latin America Investment Conference, (HOLA).

The two conferences took place back to back in Miami, Florida between the 6th and 9th May and each were attended by over 250 delegates from the hospitality sector, including developers, brands, operators, financiers, consultants and representatives for the various governments of both regions.

James Slattery, BCQS International's Director with overall responsibility for South America moderated a HOLA session entitled 'Money Connection – The Lenders' which facilitated the top lenders in Latin America giving an update about who is lending and for what types of projects. James also participated in a 'Meet the Leaders' interactive session entitled 'Comprende – Doing Business in a Foreign Land Part 2 – Understanding Business, Finance and Economic Issues', where a number of CEO's who have previously established business's in Latin America discussed the challenges that they had encountered and how such challenges had been addressed.

As part of CHRIS, BCQS International Managing Director, Liam Day, moderated a lively session entitled 'Where are the Opportunities and What are the Effective Strategies for Fixing the Broken Deal?' The session examined the initiatives and strategies that have come into play as workout solutions have been devised to turnaround developments that had become distressed in the fall out of the third quarter 2008 market crash. The panel concluded that there are still opportunities out there, liquidity is retuning back to the Caribbean, the major brands are still very keen to expand their portfolios in the region and above all good airlift is critical to the success of any resort project. In addition BCQS International Director, Sanjay Amin moderated a session entitled 'Success in the Public/Private Business Model – How to Make it a Win-Win for all' that examined strategies for collaboration between Governments and the Private Sector to achieve project goals in both the infrastructure and hospitality sectors.

Speaking about both conferences Liam Day commented 'This is the fourth year this double conference has been held and the third year that we have been sponsors. The event works very well for us as it gives us the opportunity to efficiently market to new clients in two regions effectively through one medium. 'James Slattery added 'The contacts that we made at the first HOLA conference have in many cases become some of our best clients, particularly in Brasil and each year an increasing number of the new contacts that we make at this event translate into business relationships at one level or another.'