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BCQS International becomes the first RICS Regulated firm in the Americas

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, 16th July 2012 - BCQS International, the leading Property and Development Consultancy of its kind in the Caribbean region and Latin America announced they are the first firm to be registered and Regulated by RICS in the Americas with respect to the newly created Valuers Registration Scheme. The scheme was created in response to recent financial crises and the demand from various stakeholders to improve the quality and consistency of valuations.

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) is the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property and construction. RICS Regulation monitors, guides and assists members and firms to comply with rules, regulations and ethical standards. RICS review and investigate complaints they receive about Members and/or regulated Firms and, where appropriate, take disciplinary action in cases where Members and/or regulated Firms fall short of the standards expected of them.

When asked about the importance of registration to BCQS International, Managing Director, Liam Day said, "BCQS International is extremely proud to be the first firm Regulated by RICS in the Americas. This RICS Regulation confirmation demonstrates our commitment to providing clients with unrivaled levels of expertise and will reinforce the widespread perception that BCQS is the service provider most committed to the highest standards of professionalism and quality service."

Michael McGrath, RICS member and Head of Valuations for BCQS International states, "We are delighted and honored to be the first registered firm to be Regulated by RICS in the Americas. We have supported the RICS Valuers Registration Scheme from its inception and believe the said scheme will further enhance the globally recognised and highly respected RICS brand." Continuing, "Due to increased regulations throughout global financial markets, a high quality of reporting is now demanded and it is critical that valuations are performed by qualified professionals in accordance with international standards."

Steven Gould, Global Director of Regulation, RICS, "I am very pleased to register BCQS International as the first firm in the Americas to be Regulated by RICS. By signing up to regulation by RICS, BCQS demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards, to operating in a professional and ethical manner, and are open to independent scrutiny. Clients and the general public can take confidence from the mark 'Regulated by RICS' as an assurance of quality for firms providing surveying services."

RICS encourages members to register their firms and to publicise them as being 'Regulated by RICS'. The framework of the system is driven by the five rules of better regulation. These are proportionality, accountability, consistency, targeting and transparency. By following the rules of conduct, monitored by RICS Regulation, BCQS can provide further confidence and reassurance to their clients that they have adopted the highest standards of professional dealings.