BCQS Alliances

With the recent advances in information technology, the global market place has become a reality. In line with our proactive philosophy, the BCQS Group as a Caribbean niche player has formed a number of alliances with international consultants to enhance the level of service provided with expertise and support that spans the globe.


The alliance with Jacobs Gibb provides our clients with immediate access to one of the world's leading airport planners and designers with over sixty offices located in twelve countries.




Moda Management offers professional management services to the Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism Industry worldwide providing consultancy advice and operational support from the feasibility stage through to operational services.



RICS - The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - is the pre-eminent organisation of its kind in the world. As such, it represents everything that is good in the property profession.


BCQS International - Regulated by RICS

  • Act with integrity

  • Never put your own gain above the welfare of your clients, and respect their confidentiality at all times

  • Always be honest

  • Be trustworthy in all that you do and never deliberately mislead, whether by withholding or distorting informationBe open and transparent in your dealings

  • Share the full facts with your clients, making things as plain and intelligible as possible

  • Be accountable for all your actions

  • Never commit to more than you can deliver, take full responsibility, and don't blame others if things go wrong

  • Know and act within your limitations

  • Be aware of the limits of your competence and don't be tempted to work beyond these limits

  • Be objective at all times

  • Give fair, neutral advice, and never let your own feelings or interests cloud your judgement

  • Never discriminate against others

  • Always treat others with respect whatever their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation

  • Set a good example

  • Remember that both your public and private behaviour could affect your own reputation and other RICS members' reputations

  • Have the courage to make a stand

  • Be prepared to act if you suspect malpractice